Welcome to Global PVT. ITI I always fine the statement of Macaulay “the teacher is the father of nation “ relevant because the man is born as animal and teacher lifts him to a human level. Among the most powerful and influential elements which leave a deep impression upone the process of national development, is the teachers personality, his qualities, ability and behaviour. This is the most potent of the various aspects and factors of education. India, even traditional, teachers have occupied an important places in the society , mainly because of their character, ability and personality and they have been influencing not only the educational structure but society as a whole. In the contemporary social order of our country, it is desirable of the child, society and the subject. To achieve this goal it is necessary to bring about changes in education and training of teachers in the first in the place. The Institute is well equipped in all respects, besides well furnished & comfortable classrooms, well quipped labs. Library having thousands of selected books. Very competent and experienced teachers are there to provide quality training . We are committed to encourage the students to participate in national and international educational conferences to understand the real picture of national educational system atr present. I finally wish you all the best, welcoming again to accept the path of bitter sweetness i.e to be a good student.