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I always find the statement of Macaulay “the teacher is the father of nation “relevant because the man is born a savage and the teacher lifts to a human level. Among the most powerful and influential elements which leave a deep impression upon the process of national development, is the teacher’s personality, his qualities and behavior. This is the most potent of the various aspects and factors of education. In India, even traditional, teachers have occupied an important place in the society, mainly because of their character, ability and personality and they been influencing not the educational structure but society as a whole. In the contemporary social order of country, it is desirable for the teachers to update themselves according to the technological advancement in education and training of teachers in the first place. Keeping in mind all these issues the shiksha bharti B.Ed. college has established a college for prospective teachers named shikha bharti B.Ed. college (Shiksha bharti institute of education, training & research). After successful running of BCA, B.Sc. Bio tech, M.Sc. Bio-Tec & B.Sc. Micro-Biology. This year we have also started M.Sc. Micro-Biology, Bio-Chemistry & M.Sc. Pharmaceutical chemistry. The shiksha bhartieducationalcebtre is situated in the heart of una valley surrounded by beautiful lash green hills of the lower Himalayas. The college is well equippied in all respects. Besides well furnished & comfortable classrooms, well equipped laps. And library having thousands of selected books. very competent and experienced teachers are there to provide quality trainng. The college is ment to accept the challenges coming in the way of teachers training programme. We are committed to encourage the student to participate in national and international educational conferences to understand the real picture of national educational system at present. In this connection we sent 12 students group to participate in international educational conference held at Punjabi university paliala in session 2005-2006. however we along with five students participated in the state educational conference held at college of education gurusar sudhar(Ldh.) our college had organised an international conference of AIAER on learner centered education for sustainable developedment on October 28 to 30, 2007. On 8th> Feb. 2009 one day workshop was organised on techniques of writing a research paper for journals. I finally wish you all the best, welcoming again to accept the path of bitter sweetness i.e. to be a teacher.


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