Code of Counduct

Following Activities Will be Considered Indiscipline

  • To disturb the class noise.
  • To break windows and other furniture items.
  • To smoke in the campus.
  • To come without uniform.
  • To dmge the plants and flowers.
  • To bring outsiders in the institution withaout permission of th competent authority
  • To behave roughly.
  • To use mobile phone in campus.
  • To write comments on walls, desks and black boards.
  • No students has right to use notice board without the prior permission of principal and higher authorities.
  • Lecturers are fully authorized to punish or refer to next authority such cases of discipline


  • College Rule
  • Academic Record
  • Attendance
  • Number Of Seats


  • Institute
  • Teaching Staff
  • Non Teaching Staff
  • Fee Structure
  • Age & Achievements
  • Detail Of Affilation